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Strategy for beginners to crack the civil service examination 2022

The purpose of making this blog post is to help the students who are thinking for preparing  civil service examination 2022 . In this post we will provide you preparation tips.

Strategy for beginners to crack the civil service examination 2022

When to start

In the end year of your graduation you should start the preparation of civil service examination 2022. But initially you should require to also focus in your graduation studies because it helps you to clear this exam.

How to Start

Because the syllabus is too vast and difficult. so for beginners, it is required to understand the pattern of civil service examination 2022.

Time Period

Preparation of two or four years is required to crack civil service examination 2022. If you want to crack civil service examination 2022 in first attempt then you should required at least 2 year for preparation. So you should ready for 2 to 4 or 5 year for crack civil service examination.

Strong Determination

As you know that civil services examination is the mother of all examinations. Lakhs candidates participate in this examination but few are selected. So strong determination is required to crack civil service examination. There is no space to commit any mistake in this examination. 

Long Process

Preparation of civil service examination is a long process. you might face the failure in many attempts. So prepare your mind, prepare yourself for this failure.

Optional Selection

Select your optional subject very wisely because your selection mostly depends on your marks of optional subject. Don't take the subject according your graduation subject but always take the optional subject according your interest. Don't think about the Trends and maximum mark achieved subject which always shows on social media. Just choice the optional subject according your interest. If you are interested and confidence that you can achieve good marks in this subject then go for it. For make it easy just shortlist that subjects in which you are interested then read the basic books of that subjects and finally decide that which subject give you more Comfortable and interest. 

You must Have

The key of success in civil service examination is to understand the paper pattern and to understand the syllabus. So you must have the previous year papers and syllabus on your table. By the help of both of these you can understand what is the demand of UPSC and what they ask in the examination. Always concise your syllabus.

Start The preparation

1. Cover your basic NCERT, it is very important because it makes your base. Basics of history, polity, Geography, Economics Build your Concepts. Not only read them but also understand them. In June month just finished your NCERT.

2. After finishing NCERT Start general studies and optional subject preparation simultaneously from June to September. In this 4 months you should not required to much focus on news paper and answer writing. On weekend you can go for the answer writing. You can read only headline of the newspaper in these particular 4 months but do not spend too much time for newspaper. In these four month you have a basic idea that what UPSC is all about.

3. From September to December, in these time period the role of newspaper and current affair becomes too important. Your previous knowledge from June to September tell you that what is important in newspaper and what is not important in newspaper. From September to December you should focus on newspaper and current affairs.

4. From June to December the first reading of general studies and optional should be completed.

5.From December to March, in this time period you should focus on ethics paper. The second reading of general studies and optional should be also completed in this time period. In this time period you should also require to develop the notes making habit.

6. From March To June,  you should focus on prelims only. For prelims preparation you should required to do test series as much as possible. It gives you idea what type of question comes in the examination. You should also practice for the time management in the prelim examination. You should focus in that book which contains the more objective syllabus of your paper such as spectrum History, Laxmikant etc. You should required to revise these books again and again.

(We Assume that prelim examination is June)

After Prelims

After given the prelim exam firstly check your paper according to answer key and check that you will qualify the examination or not. If you do not qualify the examination according to answer key then don't waste your time in the waiting of prelims result just start your prelims preparation from that day. if you qualify the prelim exam then go to at 7th point.

7. From June to October, your focus should be on answer writing. Understand this fact that if you do not practicing the answer writing  then you do not qualify the Mains examination. It is an essential part of mains examination. it does not matter how you know, just do again and again answer writing practice. Don't think that your syllabus is covered or not just do answer writing practice after the next day of prelims examination. Use test series again and again. Test series will manage your time in main examination.

In this time period the current affairs and your notes is very very important.

After Mains Examination

You have only two or three months after Mains examination for interview. You should start your Interview preparation. In this time period you should require to read newspaper very deeply and you should give your opinion of the headlines, what you think about it. You should read debatable issues. You should give the mock interviews they tell you what problems occurs during the interview. what things you can improve in yourself. You should now yourself deeply, your working, your background etc.

In the final word we can say that this exam is about your personality not your rattafication and decision making so just work on it. 

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