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Best Book List for Civil Service Examination | UPSC

In this blog post we discuss about the best resource list and books for the preparation of UPSC civil services examination but before starting the discussion about the book list we should require to focus on some points which is is very important for every aspirant.

Best Book List for Civil Service Examination

Points to Remember

1. The first very important element of your resource list is your syllabus and previous year questions. Without these two, your resource list cannot be start. Before reading any topic from any book you should require to to place the syllabus in front of you. By the help of which you can understand that What is to be read and how is to be read.

2. The second element is less is more that means keep your resources relevant and Limited. Do not go for each and every resources which are available. Keep that Limited because you should required have only basic knowledge you do not required to become an expert of each and every subject.

3. First you should read the NCERTs then you should read the advanced books example Laxmikant, spectrum for history and finally you should read the value addition material such as current affair magazines, editorials and government reports these are the value addition materials.

4. Once you decided the resource list, please just stick to it do not change it again and again after watching the videos, blog posts and interviews of Toppers.

Complete Resource List

General studies 1st Paper


NCERT New Book from class 6th to Class12th (Important for Basic Foundation) ( it is only for brief reading because it is not too important so you can read old or new NCERT both have equal importance)

Freedom struggle - a brief history of modern India by spectrum  (Very Important / Must Read)(Deeply Reading Required)

Post independence India - Nitin Sangwan Notes

World history - Vision IAS notes

Art & Culture

NCERT class 11th - an introduction to Indian art (Very Important/Must Read) ( very small book and it contains only that thing which is essential for you)( important for both prelims and Mains examination)

Indian Art and culture by Nitin Singhania ( only use as a supplement book because your primary book is NCERT class 11th introduction to Indian art) 

Old NCERT class 11th - Ancient India by RS Sharma ( Just a Brief Reading)

Old NCERT class 11th - medieval India by Satish Chandra (Just A Brief Reading)


NCERT New Book from class 6th to Class10th (Brief Reading)

NCERT  New Book from Class 11th to Class 12th  (Very Important / Must Read/ Deeply Reading)

Geography videos by Ms. Rajtanil (available on mrunal) ( for conceptual clarity, if you do not understand any topic From NCERT then refer to it only for that particular Topic)

Certificate physical and human Geography by GC leong ( for conceptual clarity, if you do not understand any topic From NCERT then refer to it only for that particular Topic)(Only As supplement book not as primary Book)

PMF IAS Website

Oxford Atlas (Very Important)

Other Topics

For secularism,



Social empowerment

Effects of globalization on Indian society

Poverty & Development

Indian society  

Diversity of India



Women  issues  Topics -

These are very dynamic topic so for this topic there are no any special book so it can be covered from The Vision IAS current affair magazine material and test series. Your current affairs knowledge is sufficient for this topics.

General studies 2nd paper

Constitution and polity

NCERT New Book from class 6th to Class12th ( Only Brief Reading)

Indian Polity written by M. Laxmikant  (Very Important/ Must Read)( Very Deep Reading)

Current affairs and Editorials from Vision IAS material and Newspapers, PIB and PRS (Very Important/ Must Read)

 6th Report of 2nd ARC - In which Local Governance should be focused(Only Summary)

Vision IAS notes for topics like pressure group, NGOs


1st (on RTI), 4th (Ethics and governance and so on), 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th from 2nd ARC Report ( Very important/ Must read)

Vision IAS Notes 

Current affairs and Editorials from Vision IAS material and Newspapers, PIB and PRS 

Social Justice

For government policies 


Welfare schemes and bodies constituted for vulnerable sections 



Human resources, 

Poverty and hunger Topics -

Current affairs and Editorials from Vision IAS material and Newspapers, PIB 

NITI Aayog's three year action agenda (Not Complete, Only Topic which is related to Health and Education/ Note Down Their Important Solutions)

Budget and Economic survey (Summaries only) (Only of That year in which you are appearing in Exam, Example - for civil service examination 2022 the budget and economic survey must be of 2022)(Very Important/ Must Read)

International Relation

Vision IAS current affairs material  (Very Important / Must Read)


Ministry of External Affairs website

General Studies 3rd Paper


NCERT New Book from class 9th to Class12th (Very Important/Must Read)

Indian Economy by Sanjeev Verma 

Current affairs and Editorials from Vision IAS material and Newspapers, PIB

Budget and Economic survey (summaries only)

Online websites like Investopedia and Arthapedia ( for conceptual clarity)


NCERT Biology class 12th - Last 4 chapter (13th to 16th) (Very Important/Must Read)

Shankar IAS Environment Book (Very Brief Reading)

Current affairs and Editorials from Vision IAS material and Newspapers, PIB

 PMF IAS (For Conceptual Clarity)

Internal Security 

Internal security and Disaster Management Book which is written by Ashok Kumar & Vipul 

Current Affairs - Editorials, Vision IAS material

Disaster Management

3rd Report of 2nd ARC - Crisis Management (Very Important and must read)(Summaries Only)

NDMA Guidelines (Available Online)(Very Important and Must Read)

Current Affairs covered from Vision IAS Material

Science and Technology

Vision IAS Current affairs (Only Most Important Topics ex- Artificial Intelligence)


General studies 4th paper


4th Report of 2nd ARC - Ethics in Governance (Very Important Must Read)

12th Report of 2nd ARC- Citizen Centric Administration (Very Important Must Read)

Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Chronicle

Whenever you are a Need

Type your topic in Google search and write UPSC in the end of the topic.

Newspapers, PIB, PRS 


Insight on India 





YouTube videos

For Prelims 

Basic books remains the same as I already discussed in the above paragraph.

Vision IAS PT 365

Compilation on government schemes

Previous year papers 

Did not prepare for CSAT (Only Required Basic Knowledge)

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